Resolve Systems (formerly gen-E) is an IT process automation software company that places human ingenuity at the forefront of workplace advancement. The company’s award-winning Resolve™ software breaks down traditional organizational and process constraints through a collaboration-driven approach to automation. Powered by actionable and dynamic knowledge management capabilities, Resolve™ allows organizations to realize cost savings of up to 200 percent within months of deployment, with or without process initiatives in place.


Solis is far more than a source of capital, they are a true partner that brings operational best practices, creativity and strategic thinking to our relationship. Solis provides critical resources and a tremendous support in accelerating our growth and evolution, allowing us to develop a scalable platform with great potential.  Joining the Solis portfolio introduces new opportunities for growth and R&D. The investment will ensure our Resolve Social ITPA platform and complementary solutions and services remain at the forefront of market innovation. We look forward to showcasing how this investment will benefit our customers and partners for years to come.” – Martin Savitt, CEO