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Certi-Fresh Foods, Inc. is a Southern California-based value-added processor of shrimp and other seafood for the food service industry. Its Customers include PF Chang’s (NASDAQ: PFCB), Buca di Beppo (NASDAQ: BUCA), Morton’s of Chicago, La Salsa, and Gelson’s Supermarkets, among others.


“From the beginning, we were impressed with the personal approach of Solis. The principals were very involved in due diligence, asking us questions directly rather than through associates or intermediaries.

The Solis principals keep their word. They do what they say. If we made mistakes, they helped us make things right. We knew that they were there for us and they never let us down.

Solis supported us through good and challenging times. In addition to supporting internal growth, Solis was instrumental in helping us complete a joint venture with another company that further expanded our product line.

Given the success we have shared, I would partner with Solis again if given the opportunity. I believe in this firm and would recommend them to other CEOs looking for a value-added private equity partner.”


Miro Technologies, Inc. (formerly known as Spirent Systems – San Diego and WPDS, Ltd.) provides software and related services for ground-based logistics and asset maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) for the aerospace, defense and commercial aviation markets. Headquartered in La Jolla, CA, Miro also has offices in Yoevil, Somerset, U.K.


We partnered with Solis to buy out a division that we were running, of a large European company. Solis took the time to understand our business and vision for growth, establishing a strong foundation for our partnership.

Solis looked for value inside the company and “between the numbers.” Whereas many private equity firms only look at the numbers and blame management when something goes wrong, Solis worked with management to understand our strategy and work through issues as they occurred. Often they would come in with ideas, and we would think, “Why didn’t we come up with this?”

Earlier in my career, I had the opportunity to work with many financial firms. In my experience, most said one thing and did another. Solis is different. The principals have a true passion for business, and Solis does what they promise — they help to develop business leaders and sincerely support the growth of the company.

We could not have had better investors and partners than Solis. We know firsthand of a lot of companies involved with investors where the relationships go sour. When I tell my peers of our partnership with Solis they are incredulous. This is a business relationship that I intend to keep throughout my lifetime.


Founded in 1964, Temcor, Inc. (now CST Industries, Inc. ) is the world leader in the design, manufacture and erection of clear-span domes and space frames. These products are used primarily for water and wastewater, bulk storage, petrochemical and architectural applications. Temcor is headquartered in Gardena, CA, and has manufacturing facilities in Rincon, GA. In 2007, Temcor won the State of Georgia’s Manufacturer of the Year award and the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Exporter of the Year awaRD.


“After building several companies during my career, I had the opportunity to acquire Temcor, a business I had been running as its president. Solis’ sponsorship enabled me to execute the buyout quickly.

The Solis principals are smart and strategic, bringing a wealth of experience that can add value to any business. The team is insightful and provides a remarkable network of resources while not over-managing. This is key for accomplished operating executives looking for support, but freedom to execute.

Nothing is more frustrating to me than a private equity partner that doesn’t add value and takes up management’s time. Solis is a firm that adds value. When you work with Solis, you get more than you expect.” – Joe Schmidt, CEO


Kamino Logistics, Ltd. (now Tigers Limited) is an award-winning global logistics provider and freight forwarder founded in 1969. Headquartered in New York and London, Kamino offers a unique blend of services for effective supply chain management including: value-added warehousing and distribution, full out-sourced logistics, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and domestic freight management.


“Solis stays the course and maintains an even keel. It is never up one day and down the next. When necessary, Solis acts quickly, decisively and with fairness. Its people are strategic thinkers that do their homework and are smart. They understand what we need to do to accomplish growth, and support us wholeheartedly in achieving it.

Kamino’s partnership with Solis is all about building true value and wealth: wealth for investors, wealth for us, and wealth for our employee-owners.

Solis holds us accountable to the strategic and functional goals we establish, and ensures that we have the resources to achieve them. At the same time, Solis is comfortable relying on us as leaders. The firm is available for us anytime, but it doesn’t meddle with us on a day-to-day basis. It is a great pleasure to work with Solis.” – Steve Holbert, CEO



Eminess is an industry leader in precision, surface finishing solutions for the global marketplace – providing a one stop resource for materials and markets that need the best surface finish and flatness possible. Eminess aims to be a long term partner for their customers’ needs through continuous improvement of products, processes and innovative technology solutions.Eminess is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ and maintains manufacturing operations in Monroe, NC; sales and distribution in Frauenfeld, Switzerland; and strategic representation in all key markets in Asia.


Our partnership with Solis comes down to one word – character. We engaged with Solis knowing their reputation for being a firm with a true desire to help grow businesses. Throughout the process, we felt very confident the character of Solis, and its leadership team, aligned with the values we are built on. From start to finish, even in the smallest of details, we were reminded of the shared beliefs between our organizations. Their operational and strategic support will be invaluable as we continue to grow our platform, expand product capabilities, and relentlessly work to service our customers.” – Dan Koharko, CEO


ICOM is a world-class leader in propane autogas innovation. Utilizing the highest quality American-made products available, ICOM develops, assembles and integrates the patented JTG, JTG II, Direct Injection JTGhp, and JTG-Dynamic propane liquid injection fuel systems, as well as toroidal and cylindrical fuel tanks. ICOM’s propane liquid injection technology has obtained an industry-leading number of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifications to power a full lineup of Chevrolet, Ford®, GM, GMC and Lincoln® vehicles. These Mono-fuel and Bi-fuel applications have achieved superior emissions, torque, power and drivability.


With Solis as our strategic partner, ICOM added a fundamental element to its growth plan: a partner capable of providing insight, experience, growth capital and strategic thinking. ICOM’s partnership with Solis will help us to better capitalize on ICOM’s industry leading propane technology and breadth of current and future certifications. It also will enable us to grow our service and support capabilities.  With Solis as our partner, we are more confident and excited about our ability to grow in North America and around the world. – Ralph Perpetuini, CEO & Albert Venezio, Chairman


With over 40 years on the job, we’ve made it our mission to design and manufacture high quality clothing that you can depend on to keep you safe and comfortable on the job site. We pride ourselves on our high standards and focus on the details and safety compliance standards so you don’t have to. When you buy ML Kishigo work wear, you’ll gain a new tool that makes your job easier.


It’s exciting to find a partner that believes in our vision for growth. Solis provides critical resources, strategic expertise and tremendous support in accelerating our growth and evolution with new products and expanded geographic presence. With Solis’ partnership, we’ll be able to position our company for several phases of growth that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Solis understands our business and its opportunities, and is well-positioned to help us build on our accomplishments to date and achieve our full potential. – Greg Hayward, CEO


Lindora is a leading provider of personalized, medically supervised weight loss and weight management programs in North America. Lindora has more than 40 years success in providing a comprehensive weight management program that combines diet, moderate exercise and coaching delivered online and in clinic locations throughout California.


Horizon Communications (Horizon) is a leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure and contractor services at the forefront of meeting the world’s growing demand for connectivity and mobility. Horizon’s specialized services include Wi-Fi and DAS installation and management, riser management and structured cabling. Horizon has installed wireless infrastructure at some of the most recognizable sporting venues in the Western United States, including AT&T Park, HP Pavilion, Dodgers Stadium and the Honda Center.


With their successful track record and unique experience in backing management teams to grow great businesses, Solis is an ideal partner for our company to help us scale.  The partnership allows Horizon to continue to provide its customers with the excellent service and innovative connectivity solutions they expect. At the same time, Solis’ support will enable us to expand our product and service offering in the broader connectivity market. The world is demanding more connectivity and data capabilities.  Whether it’s for stadiums, arenas, data centers or office towers, Horizon is providing the solutions.  This is an exciting time for Horizon and our industry. – Mike DeGraw, CEO


Resolve Systems (formerly gen-E) is an IT process automation software company that places human ingenuity at the forefront of workplace advancement. The company’s award-winning Resolve™ software breaks down traditional organizational and process constraints through a collaboration-driven approach to automation. Powered by actionable and dynamic knowledge management capabilities, Resolve™ allows organizations to realize cost savings of up to 200 percent within months of deployment, with or without process initiatives in place.


Solis is far more than a source of capital, they are a true partner that brings operational best practices, creativity and strategic thinking to our relationship. Solis provides critical resources and a tremendous support in accelerating our growth and evolution, allowing us to develop a scalable platform with great potential.  Joining the Solis portfolio introduces new opportunities for growth and R&D. The investment will ensure our Resolve Social ITPA platform and complementary solutions and services remain at the forefront of market innovation. We look forward to showcasing how this investment will benefit our customers and partners for years to come.” – Martin Savitt, CEO



Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, User Research International (URI) is a specialized provider of highly technical user interface and user experience (UX) research and support services. URI’s clients include leading technology and cloud platform companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Adobe and Expedia.

The company’s services include usability research, customer scorecards, technical benchmarking, surveys, customer interviews, focus groups, participant recruiting and on-site research labs. URI’s UX research services provide customers with critical research and information required to develop and refine important user functions for their cloud and SaaS product offerings.


Solis strikes a diligent balance of empowering our team to determine how to drive the business growth while providing strategic expertise when required.  We have felt very supported by the mentorship Solis has provided, as well as the business and financial know-how they bring to the table.  They have demonstrated the highest integrity from the very beginning of our partnership and always honored our expertise and experience in the field. They genuinely believe that partnerships are about working together so that everyone benefits, and we are excited to continue our journey with them.

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Premier Auto Supplies, LLC

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Miami, Florida, Premier is a leading distributor of paint and related supplies in South Florida and Texas.  Premier has made a name for itself by re-writing the narrative on small-body shops, operating 19 locations, and serving thousands of customers. Through its strong supplier partnerships, Premier is able to retail top-quality paint and related supplies in a customer-friendly, walk-up body shop model. While ease, affordability and quality are not the industry standards for body shops of comparable size, Premier delivers all three. This unique value proposition and proven business model will enable the company to continue its expansion into other markets.


Founders and Owners, Rocio and Virgilio Hernandez, are “looking forward to starting the next chapter of the business” and “cannot think of a better partner to continue to grow and evolve the company with other than Solis.”

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 eSkillz is a leading provider of comprehensive support solutions for Human Capital Management / Talent Development and Learning Management Systems. Our tenure in the industry has led us to hundreds of successful deployments and customized support solutions that offer our customers extreme flexibility partnered with superior customer service. By combining its proprietary support engine, highly skilled Consultants, Support Specialists & Event Producers, the eSkillz comprehensive suite of solutions creates immediate impact and long-term success.


“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Solis Capital,” said Don Cole, CEO of eSkillz. “Their proven track record of supporting high-growth companies aligns perfectly with our vision of becoming a global leader in L&D service delivery. This collaboration will fuel our ability to innovate and empower organizations worldwide to transform their learning initiatives.”

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