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Eminess is an industry leader in precision, surface finishing solutions for the global marketplace – providing a one stop resource for materials and markets that need the best surface finish and flatness possible. Eminess aims to be a long term partner for their customers’ needs through continuous improvement of products, processes and innovative technology solutions.Eminess [...]

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ICOM is a world-class leader in propane autogas innovation. Utilizing the highest quality American-made products available, ICOM develops, assembles and integrates the patented JTG, JTG II, Direct Injection JTGhp, and JTG-Dynamic propane liquid injection fuel systems, as well as toroidal and cylindrical fuel tanks. ICOM’s propane liquid injection technology has obtained an industry-leading number of [...]

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Horizon Communications (Horizon) is a leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure and contractor services at the forefront of meeting the world’s growing demand for connectivity and mobility. Horizon’s specialized services include Wi-Fi and DAS installation and management, riser management and structured cabling. Horizon has installed wireless infrastructure at some of the most recognizable sporting venues in [...]

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Resolve Systems (formerly gen-E) is an IT process automation software company that places human ingenuity at the forefront of workplace advancement. The company’s award-winning Resolve™ software breaks down traditional organizational and process constraints through a collaboration-driven approach to automation. Powered by actionable and dynamic knowledge management capabilities, Resolve™ allows organizations to realize cost savings of [...]

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