Why Solis


At Solis, we recognize that money is important, but is not the only consideration for managers and business owners seeking a capital partner. Family-owned business dynamics, long standing employee relationships, estate-planning considerations and partner "chemistry" are a few of the critical factors that may underlie a business owner’s objectives. We take a tailored approach that provides capital and solutions to enable business owners to achieve their unique objectives. Typical situations include:

  • Managed Exits

    Business owners may desire a planned exit in multiple steps. Initially, liquidity can be provided through the sale of at least a 50% interest to Solis. The business owner realizes some liquidity, but also participates in the value generated from future growth.
  • Family Business Changeover

    Succession planning, estate planning and leadership dynamics are all considerations in family business changeover. Solis provides capital and strategic know-how to assist families with the transition and to position the business for future success.
  • Management Buyout

    Solis partners with managers to support the purchase of the businesses they are running. Examples are large enterprises wishing to sell non-core divisions or passive owners desiring liquidity and at the same time, looking to give their business leaders the opportunity to continue their work. While Solis provides the capital for buyouts, it structures the investment so that managers can generate significant personal wealth with the continued success of the business.
  • Owner Asset Diversification

    Most successful entrepreneurs have a large proportion of their personal wealth tied up in their businesses. By partnering with Solis, these business owners can diversify their holdings through a sale of at least a 50% interest in the company, while retaining their leadership roles. They gain a highly supportive partner, and are able to realize significant future value from accelerated success.
  • Growth Capital

    Solis is often called upon to provide the capital to fund company growth and expansion initiatives. While the primary focus is on organic growth, Solis also supports strategic, accretive acquisitions.