Why Solis


"Solis" — the Latin root for "sun" or "of the sun" — best describes the philosophy of our firm, which is fundamental, dependable, reliable and consistent.

Central to this philosophy is our belief that investment returns should be created through business growth and enhancement, not extraction. Our decades of collective experience have demonstrated that this can best be achieved by partnering with talented entrepreneurs and managers, aligning objectives and incentives, and providing greater access to financial, operational and industry specific resources.

SOLIS 360° INVESTING provides a template for how we partner with owners and managers to consistently create value.

Understand Stakeholder Interests

While money is important, it is not the only consideration for most business owners and managers seeking a capital partner. Solis takes a comprehensive and tailored approach, providing capital and solutions to assist business owners in achieving their unique objectives.

Identify Company’s Needs

The Solis principals engage with continuing owners and managers to identify the critical needs of the business for growth and enhancement. Examples include capital planning and support, leadership and operational enhancements, introductions to new customers and suppliers, and access to industry resources.

Develop Transaction Structure

The Solis principals apply their extensive experience in negotiating and structuring investments that align the interests of investors, business owners, management teams and companies. Stakeholders’ unique objectives are met, and managers are provided with the opportunity to generate personal wealth upon continued success. While Solis utilizes debt in its transaction structures, it is conservative in order to maximize operating flexibility.

Agree Upon Go-Forward Vision

The Solis principals work with management to develop a strategic plan with clear operational objectives and timing. The strategic plan is based on management’s vision of what is achievable, and becomes a roadmap for partnering.

Diligence and Close

Solis’ streamlined due diligence process is comprehensive, yet respectful of management’s time. The objective is to confirm rather than discover. Once complete, Solis proceeds to closing.

Finalize Strategic Plan

After closing, the Solis principals and management work collaboratively to refine and finalize the strategic plan. Key benchmarks and milestones are included to provide objective measures of progress.

Implement Plan and Vision

Solis supports management in executing the strategic plan. Leveraging its extensive experience, the Solis principals act as a strategic collaborator, and play an active support role as a member of the Board of Directors. Solis utilizes its networks to recruit and identify executive talent, if needed, and to assist in developing sales and supplier leads to support growth.

Support Leadership Going Forward

For Solis, equity investing is not passive, but requires support, commitment and follow-through. Solis principals maintain regular and ongoing contact with portfolio company management teams. We view ourselves as sounding-boards, door openers, cheerleaders and partners, with the shared goal of growing and enhancing the business.

Understand Stakeholder Interests Identify Company’s Needs Develop Transaction Structure Agree Upon Go-Forward Vision Diligence and Close Finalize Strategic Plan Implement Plan and Vision Support Leadership Going Forward