We partnered with Solis to buy out a division that we were running, of a large European company. Solis took the time to understand our business and vision for growth, establishing a strong foundation for our partnership.

Solis looked for value inside the company and "between the numbers." Whereas many private equity firms only look at the numbers and blame management when something goes wrong, Solis worked with management to understand our strategy and work through issues as they occurred. Often they would come in with ideas, and we would think, "Why didn’t we come up with this?"

Earlier in my career, I had the opportunity to work with many financial firms. In my experience, most said one thing and did another. Solis is different. The principals have a true passion for business, and Solis does what they promise -- they help to develop business leaders and sincerely support the growth of the company.

We could not have had better investors and partners than Solis. We know firsthand of a lot of companies involved with investors where the relationships go sour. When I tell my peers of our partnership with Solis they are incredulous. This is a business relationship that I intend to keep throughout my lifetime.


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