September 2013 SmartBusiness (Los Angeles)

Dan Lubeck: Working with a new investor/partner

Four critical steps to help your company achieve success

If your company is sold in part or whole, there will be change. It is inevitable and generally sought. It is hard, particularly if the company was yours.

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May 2013 SmartBusiness (Los Angeles County; Orange County)

Craig Dupper: Four mistakes business owners make when preparing their company for sale

The old term "putting lipstick on a pig" refers to prettying up a mediocre asset right before you want to sell it. Prior to marketing, the seller makes changes that cause things to look better than they really are under the surface. There is little difference between a cheap paint job on a used car to hide rust or new carpet in a house to cover cracks in the foundation and short-term cosmetic changes at a company justified as "preparing for sale."

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March 2013

Dan Lubeck : Critical Mass for Business with Ric Franzi

Dan Lubeck discusses the role private equity plays in helping small businesses unlock their true potential and how business owners can develop a framework to determine their firm's value.

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February 14, 2013

Craig Dupper: The Brian Britt Show

Craig Dupper discusses the value of private equity in the lower middle market.

Private Equity 101
Solis Capital Partners - Equity in Action

January 2013 SmartBusiness (Los Angeles; Orange County)

Dan Lubeck: Developing a Framework for Determining Your Company’s ‘Multiple’

As investors in lower middle-market companies, valuation is a fundamental question we grapple with in every transaction. The short answer to the valuation questions is “what the market will bear.”

Then the next question is, “Which market?”

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November 2012 SmartBusiness (Los Angeles and Orange Conuty)

Craig Dupper : Eliminating strategic blind spots

During the life cycle of any business, there are successes and missed opportunities. Even the most accomplished business leaders tell me that while they were ultimately successful, they committed missteps along the way. Often, they attribute these missed opportunities to inattention or “blind spots” that, when looking back, should have been obvious. Why is the seemingly obvious often missed?

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September 2012 SmartBusiness (Los Angeles and Orange Conuty)

Josh Harmsen: How to gauge the right time to sell or recapitalize your business

Selling or recapitalizing your business poses several challenges in the current environment. But you can navigate these uncertain and volatile economic times by considering a few critical points, including your personal financial goals.

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